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קריאה לשירות הכנסייה: ''בואו ולכו אחריי


12/12/2017 - שבוע של פורמציה עבור הפרנציסקאנים החדשים של הקוסטודיה של ארץ הקודש

11/12/2017 - טונינו מאוריצי: תשורה למולד. 110 ציורים מוצגים בירושלים

07/12/2017 - בתי הספר של ארץ הקודש מתכוננים לחגוג את 800 השנים של הנוכחות הפרנציסקאנית

03/12/2017 - תקופת הציפייה של חג המולד מתחילה בבית לחם

30/11/2017 - מתנה לאחווה של הקוסטודיה: שלושה נדרים סופיים חדשים

28/11/2017 - צדקה ותפילה במנזר הפרנציסקאני שבוושינגטון

22/11/2017 - יום החג של אליזבט הקדושה מהונגריה עם המתנדבים של הקוסטודיה של ארץ הקודש

21/11/2017 - הקוסטודיה של ארץ הקודש : האח הפרנציסקאני קרלוס, מהפיליפינים לתל-אביב

17/11/2017 - ספר על מנת לתמוך בילדים של בית לחם

16/11/2017 - "דיאס אקדמיקוס" 2017-2018 עבור המכון הפרנציסקאני לחקר המקרא ובית הספר למקרא

14/11/2017 - כהני הדת של הקוסטודיה נפגשים בהר תבור

13/11/2017 - בכנסייה של סאן סלבטורה, סעודת האדון עבור בלגיה, אחת מארבעת האומות הקתוליות

09/11/2017 - הספרייה של הקוסטודיה חוגגת את 800 השנה שלה: תערוכה וכנס בירושלים

09/11/2017 - האח הפרנציסקאני אליאטה מקבל את הפרס על שם מיקלה פיצירילו

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"We are here for you": renovated homes for Palestinian Christians

The project of the Pontifical Mission in collaboration with ATS Pro Terra Sancta, with the support of the Dutch Knights of the Holy Sepulcher has allowed several Christian families to enjoy living in a renovated home.

"I want to express my profound thanks to the Church, for helping us when we were under pressure."

"This house was worth zero, now its value has increased a thousand times! When I come to think of it, I can appreciate the quality of the renovation.”

"Thanks so much! I hope you can continue to help the needy and the last. Thanks."

“Thanks” is the most frequent word on the lips and faces of the Palestinian Christians who were the recipients of the service carried out through the latest project created by the ATS Pro Terra Sancta-Custody, in collaboration with the Pontifical Mission and the support of the Dutch Knights of the Holy Sepulcher. So far, as of September 1, 19 needy families in the West Bank have been able to effectuate restoration work at their home.

Project Coordinator - Pontifical Mission - Jerusalem
"Our job is to help the Church and its institutions to become available to serve their parishioners, that is the Christians in the area of Bethlehem. We tried to reach as many families as possible in the cities of Bethlehem, Beit Jala and Beit Sahour. We helped needy families who lived in homes that needed renovations that they could not afford. The younger families are usually the most disadvantaged ones.”

Every family has its own unique story. For each of them, the renovation of their homes represents a new, fresh start.

Christian (woman) from Beit Jala
"(My) house was in poor condition, especially because of the much humidity. I have a sick daughter and it used to be so difficult for me to bathe her. I asked them to expand the bathroom and they did. I have a larger bathroom now and there is no more humidity. They made my house more beautiful: now everything is all right, thanks to God.”

The Imad family [is an example of the conditions under which some of these families live: in this case,] six people live under the same roof.

Christian (man) from Beit Jala
"In wintertime, the water infiltrated the ceiling and it rained on our heads as we ate there at the table. We are truly grateful to God and to the Church! The difference between how this house looked before and how it looks now is amazing: a 360 degree change!”

The applications were reviewed by September 1, after which the trips to the homes began: their conditions were analized to be able to select the most urgent ones to be repaired. In mid-September, once the projects were developed, workers began to resolve the various emergencies, like in the Awwads home, in Bethlehem, where water infiltration caused continuous blackouts that also compromised security, or like the repairs that took place in the house that belongs to George and to his new newly formed family.

Christian (man) from Bethlehem
"My wedding was scheduled for January of next year, but I had to anticipate it and it took place last month. The house was not livable, so I had to work day and night, giving it my best. This room was completely empty, there was no floor, there was nothing. We asked the Latin convent to give us a hand: thanks to God, they helped us and I am immensely grateful. "

The project does not have the presumption of resolving the lives of the families involved, but it is intended to reach a small, great goal.

ATS Pro Terra Sancta
“This is a complementary job to the work of the Custody. We are here to tell people:
This is the main message: ”

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